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Animal Control/Licensing             

The Borough has a Shared Service with Bloomingdale for Animal Control/Shelter Services (North Jersey Community Animal Shelter)

  • During business hours: Lisa Perry, Bloomingdale Animal Control (973) 838-8959
  • After Hours, Weekends & Holidays: Ringwood Police (973) 962-7017
  • Information regarding bears or coyotes
  • IMPORTANT REMINDER:  The Borough has ordinances against feeding any outside wildlife.  Keep in mind feeding wildlife can put your domestic animals at risk if they drink or eat from the same dish or are bitten by a rabid animal, as rabies is transferred through saliva.  Rabies animals will often vocalize, become agitated and aggressive.  Please ensure that all dogs and cats are licensed and vaccinated against rabies.  If you see an animal that is acting aggressively, please call the Police Department at (973) 962-7017.  Information regarding rabies.


CLICK HERE for great tips from FEMA on how to make sure you are ready to care for your pet during an emergency situation.

 Animal Licensing

Any questions regarding Animal Licensing - please call (973) 962-7079.

All dogs and cats 6 months or older must be licensed every year in Ringwood.  If you no longer own your pet or your pet is deceased, please contact the Borough to avoid future mailings.

CLICK HERE for Information from the NJ Department of Health (NJDOH) - Animal Cruelty Materials for Each Person Licensing a Dog

CLICK HERE for Information about Dog Waste Removal

Mail to:

Borough of Ringwood Animal Licensing
60 Margaret King Avenue
Ringwood, NJ 07456

To register a pet in Ringwood:

  1. You must send proof of rabies vaccination for a license to be issued to your pet. As per N.J. State Mandate, the vaccination must not expire prior to November 1 of the licensing year. Please send a copy of the rabies vaccination certificate, as originals cannot be returned.
  2. If your dog qualifies for a reduced license fee, please enclose a copy of the neutered/spayed certificate signed by a licensed veterinarian.
  3. Return completed Animal Licensing Form with check or money order, made payable to the "Borough of Ringwood".
(Subject to late fees beginning February 1st; Subject to summons beginning April 1st)
 All State Registration Fees and Surcharges Included

DOG Standard License
$15.00 ($12.00 with neuter/spay certificate)

CAT License
$8.00 ($5.00 with neuter/spay certificate)

Late Fee
$10.00 (mandatory beginning February 1st)

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Animal Licensing Application

Certified Copy Request

Rabies Exemption Form