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Community Services

Welcome to the Borough of Ringwood Community Services.  This section of our website is your portal to a variety of general services that support our overall quality of life and facilitate your access to useful information without having to visit multiple websites.  As always, we are open to receiving your comments and suggestions about additional content that we can provide to assist you in your basic research needs.  Please use the “Contact Webmaster” feature to send a message about your ideas.

Community Events:

  • Are you having a not for profit community event and would like to have it added to our Community CalendarCLICK HERE to e-mail us your flyer and event information and we can add it to the calendar for you.
  • Would you like your not for profit event added to the Ringwood TV channel?  CLICK HERE to e-mail us your ad.
  • Have a not for profit event that you would like added to our digital sign?  CLICK HERE for the Ringwood Digital Sign Request Policy.  You can email your request to  Please provide the wording you would like included on the sign.  There is very limited space, so please keep information short and abbreviated as much as possible.  Also attach the event flyer if available.