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What Are the Requirements to Install a Pool?

The procedure is the same whether you are installing for the first time or are replacing an inground pool, above ground pool, inflatable pool *, or hot tub.

STEP 1          CLICK HERE for the prior approval application (Pool Packet)

STEP 2          Email, drop off or mail your prior approval application to the Building Department

STEP 3          Submit the construction permit application once you've  been notified that your prior approval application has been approved (see "Tip" below)


A link to the construction permit forms is on the Building Department web page, along with a link with instructions on how to fill out a permit.

The construction permit application should include spec sheets for the pool; equipment; code compliant ladder (where applicable); and solar cover, if you are installing a pool heater.

The Pool Packet referenced above contains a section with the code requirements for fences, gates and ladders.

*Inflatable pools that can hold 24 inches of water require prior approval and a construction permit.