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Municipal Budget

Each year, the Borough of Ringwood prepares an annual budget that is approved by the Borough Council and the State of New Jersey.

The process begins when department heads submit their budget proposals and meet with the Borough Manager and CFO to review their requests. After review, revision and meetings with the Council Finance Committee, the budget is introduced to the full Borough Council for approval. If approved, the budget is submitted to the Division of Local Government Services in Trenton for its review and approval.

The budget is advertised in the official newspaper of the Borough and a public hearing is held for the Borough residents. Prior to final adoption, the budget may be amended upon State approval and an additional public hearing is held, if necessary.

The final version of the budget is then adopted upon a majority vote of the full membership of the Borough Council.

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Contact Information

Scott Heck
Borough Manager
(973) 475-7101

Debbie Buchanan
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