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New construction, building additions, projects that involve a change of use or new commercial tenancy and projects which involve changes to the exterior of a property, such as pools, decks, tennis courts, additions, driveways, shed etc., typically require application for and issuance of a Zoning Permit. You will be required to complete an application form, submit a copy of a current survey of your property and submit sufficient information to demonstrate to the Zoning Officer that the proposed work complies with Ringwood's Zoning Regulations, which can be found in Chapter XL - Zoning of the Borough Code and Zoning Map.  To determine the requirements and limitations that apply to your particular zone district, see Area, Bulk and Yard Requirements. You may also contact the Zoning Officer at the Building Department (973) 962-7880.

Upon receipt of an application, the Zoning Officer will review the application and determine if it complies with the Borough's Zoning Regulations. If so, a Zoning Permit will be issued. If you are unable to comply with the Zoning Regulations for any reason, you must obtain a variance from the Board of Adjustment before you can proceed with your project. The Zoning Officer is charged with the responsibility of enforcing the Zoning Regulations and may not waive its requirements. That power is granted by law to the Board of Adjustment. If your project requires a variance, the Zoning Officer will explain the application process to you.

To obtain the variance application, contact the Planning Office at 973-475-7131.

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