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Introduction to the James Drive Sewerage Plant

Located in the Ringwood Acres section of town, the James Drive Sewerage system was designed and installed to serve the 109 homes in that development as recommended by the Passaic County Planning Board in 1966 in order to best accommodate the area’s eroding soil conditions. This was a well-researched and extensively documented decision.

The system’s installation and implementation took years. There were a number of missteps around construction of the plant in the 1970s, and a series of corrective measures were taken. The plant was completed in the early 1970s and serves the waste water needs of the homes in Ringwood Acres.

Additionally, treated water from the plant flows into Skyline Lake, impacting the families who live on the lake and who belong to the lake association.

Effecting the well-being of residents in the area and the property values of the town at large, this plant must be repaired. In addition, the DEP and EPA are poised to serve Ringwood with penalties and fines if the improvements and standards they demand are not met.

Due in part to delays in the project, the recent heavy rains brought by Tropical Storm Ida caused sewage from the plant to overflow.

This situation is unsustainable and the town must spend the funds budgeted for this project. Municipal bonds, which are a common and efficient funding mechanism used by municipalities to pay for long term capital improvements such as this, are pending the approval of the council.

All documents outlining the origination and evolution of the James Drive plant are provided here for those interested in researching this matter further.

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