Municipal Building, 60 Margaret King Ave., Ringwood, NJ 07456 | (973) 962-7037 | Monday - Friday 8:30am - 4:30pm

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Municipal Court

Municipal Court Judge:  Honorable Joseph Perconti

Municipal Prosecutor:  Ralph Fava, Esq.

Public DefenderS:  Michael Kelly, Esq. & Richard Baldi, Esq.

Court Administrator:  Dara S. Tanzola

Deputy Court Administrator:

Telephone:  (973) 962-6146

Facsimile:  (973) 962-6018

Hours of operation:  Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm. Court sessions are held on the first and second Wednesdays and the fourth Monday of the month, at 4:30 pm.

The operations of the Municipal Court continue to expand to aid and protect residents, property and the way of life of which has become characteristic of our community.

Public Defender - A public defender may be assigned to your case if there is a sentence of magnitude, a driver's license revocation or if there will be a jail term imposed.  You must first completely fill out the indigency form.  Additional information may be required ie., paystubs, income tax forms, etc.  The final approval will be given by the Judge.

Community Dispute Resolution Program - This program is designed to help disputing parties to mediate reasonable solutions without formally going before the Municipal Court Judge.  Review and complete the Court Dispute Resolution pamphlet and form.

Civilian Complaints - Should you wish to sign a complaint against an individual, you must first file a police report and fill out a Certification in Support of Probable Cause form.  Bring both documents to the Court Office for review.

Points - Points are not accessed by the Court.  Information on points can be found on the Judiciary's website, along with a payment site to pay many parking and traffic summonses.  Payment is due by the court date given on the bottom portion of your ticket.

Not Guilty - Should you wish to plead not guilty to a traffic summons, you may do so by calling the Court Office at (973) 962-6146 or emailing the staff  Please make sure to include your name, ticket number and current mailing address.
Plea by Mail - You may utilize the plea by mail option, if:

  • You live outside the tri-state area
  • You are incapacitated and appearing in court would cause undue hardship
  • You are incarcerated 

Authorization to Apply Bail to Fines - You or your surety may authorize the Court to apply bail to satisfy fines.  Use the Authorization to Apply Bail to Fines form.

Court Interpreters - The Court will provide an approved certified interpreter upon request for individuals as needed.

Appeals - If you disagree with the Judge's decision, you have the right to an appeal.  This process must be done within 20 calendar days of your conviction.  Review How to Appeal a Decision of a Municipal Court.

Listed are some common Borough ordinances and their payable amount:

13-8.1 Littering $100
 8-1.2 Unlicensed Dog $51
 8-1.22 Barking Dog $51
 8-1.23 Dog Running at Large $51
 13-2.2 Junk Motor Vehicle


13-5.1 Consume Alcohol in Public  $126
 113-1.3 Unlicensed Cat $51
 17-12.3 Permit Required for Park & Ride


 17-12.4 Failure to Display $10

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