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Ringwood Health Department

The Health Department is located in the Borough Hall on the 2nd Floor. The Health Department carries out the policies of the Board of Health and the NJ State Department of Health.

Do you have a question about:


Animal Control or Animal Licensing

Vital Records; including marriage licenses and civil unions

Public Health; including upcoming clinics, cancer screeningsmosquito/zika information, ticks, information on talking with a veteran in crisisinformation on vaping, mental health programs, and more.

Emergency Preparedness

Coronavirus Information

CLICK HERE for the latest information regarding the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Moving Towards Mindfulness Program

Starting June 29th and goes to August 6th.  CLICK HERE for all the details.

The Ringwood Health Department invites you to join us with:

“Moving Towards Mindfulness”

June 29th at 6:45pm

Ringwood Boro Footbal Field, 60 Margaret King Ave.

Must call 973-831-5455 to register.

Join Nancy Smith from Essence of Self Ayurveda Spa and Yoga, as she helps you to reduce stress and anxiety, improve flexibility and strength, and foster a more positive outlook!


It's fun, family-friendly and FREE to join!


CLICK HERE for all the details!

Mondays Walking Club at 6:45pm; Tuesdays Yoga at 6:45pm; Wednesdays Fitness Boot Camp at 6:45pm; Thursdays Meditation at 8:00am.

Free Radon Test Kits

Passaic County is offering FREE Radon Test Kits while supplies last.  CLICK HERE for details.   

Tick Information

CLICK HERE for helpful information on identifying, preventing ticks.  Also learn about what diseases they carry and what to do if you are bitten.           

2018 Annual Health Report

CLICK HERE for the 2018 Ringwood Health Department Annual Report

2019 Annual Health Report

CLICK HERE for the 2019 Ringwood Health Department Annual Report

Tips For Well Owners

CLICK HERE for Well Owner Tips!

CLICK HERE for Well Owner Information.

FERTILIZERS: What You Should Know

CLICK HERE for important information about fertilizers.

E-cigarette/Vaping Information for Parents, Teachers, Coaches and Healthcare Providers

CLICK HERE for more information

NJ Parent Link          

A great resource for parents!

Early childhood, Parenting and Professional Resource Center.

Ringwood is proud to be Stigma-Free!            

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CLICK HERE to learn more about the Stigma-Free initiative.

Join our newly formed Stigma-Free task force.  Call 973-962-4343 for more information.




























60 Margaret King Avenue

Ringwood, NJ  07456

(Second Floor)

Main Number: 973-962-7079

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